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Brand and packaging creation

We help our partners in the creation and designing of the perfect and modern packaging, starting from the development of layout and design. Using our vast experience in food packaging, we select the best packaging material for you. This will help to significantly reduce the cost of your finished product while maintaining the high quality of the film.


Packaging design is an engine of sales. Our designers help you to create packaging that will push and  promote your product in the market.

Printing house

Our printing house is equipped for large-format machines with a maximum print width of 1200mm, we also produce high-quality lamination with any composition of films on the Italian-made laminator.

The company is engaged in the production of modern polypropylene packaging, both single-layer and multi-layer with full-color printing.

The use of a wide range of technologies helps to create “unique packaging offers” for an exceptionally large number of products: pasta, cereals, sugar, bakery products, confectionery and dairy products, seeds, nuts, spices, deep-frozen products, medical products, etc.

We produce packaging in strict accordance with the requirements of your product and develop a design that will undoubtedly draw the attention of the consumers. We provide an individual approach to each client.

Our flexographic equipment has advanced technical solutions, thanks to its high quality and wide possibilities of color and shade transfer, it allows us to produce high-quality and bright packaging that attracts the eye.

Laminating films for packaging.

Advantages of our multilayer films:

High barrier properties

Reliable tightness

High degree of UV and weather protection

Increased mechanical strength

High strength and puncture resistance

Helps extend the best before date of your products

The product passes laboratory measurements and tests

Let’s cooperate

    We believe that the appearance of a product is just as important as any other stage of production. Therefore, we pay due attention to the quality and environmental friendliness of packaging.