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Factory created with soul


During the 2000s, we launched the first buckwheat production line and since then, our products have been highly appreciated by our customers. We took the liberty and decided to take a step further and acquired the first production line for unique Italian pasta.

Today in our arsenal there are already 5 production workshops equipped by the Italian manufacturer Pavan and Braibanti.

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Italian production lines

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Fully automated production of pasta is a key to the great end result – such as, finished high quality product. Thanks to the modern and powerful equipment, we offer the best quality product on the market.
Our staff carefully monitors the quality of each batch produced in any part of the workshops.

Each batch that leaves the shop is tested in our own laboratory and recorded in the product quality register.

We work with soul

Our Team


Nichushkin Stanislav Sergeevich

Director of pasta

Bortulev Sergey Alexandrovich

Director of grocerie

Nagorny Ivan Antonovich

Director of flexoprint

Albu Sergey


Shevchenko Inna Danilovna

Sales department

Serdyukov Valery Alexandrovich


Rubanenko Margarita Alekseevna


High quality

We strictly control all of the employees and we stand for the great result. Each employee, crossing the production threshold, observes and complies with all sanitary control standards. This is our mutual responsibility to each other and to the client.

Thanks to this approach, where everyone is responsible for the final result, we as a c have reached such heights.

The quality and safety of products is additionally controlled in independent laboratories certified according to DSTU ISO 17025.

FSSC 22000 – food production system certification.

A system for managing environmentally friendly issues in production related to the manufacture of finished products.

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