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Buckwheat (green)

Package weight: 1000 gr

Unroasted buckwheat dietary cereals.

Such buckwheat has retained the whole complex of useful substances incorporated into it by nature itself. To get the full benefit of the grain. it is recommended to use it in a germinated form.


Packing weight: 1 kg, 25 kg, 50 kg.

Thermally steamed buckwheat groats acquire a brown color and a characterised buckwheat aroma.
Buckwheat is characterized by an optimally balanced biochemical composition, high nutritional and energy value..

Oat flakes

Package weight: 400 gr, 25 kg

Oatmeal natural flakes.

Due to its structure and method of manufacture, it is well engrossed by the body to ensure all the nutrients absorption.

Buckwheat flakes

Package weight: 400 gr, 25 kg

Buckwheat flakes.
Gluten free and does not require cooking

Pearl barley

Package weight: 1000 gr

Barley groats in the form of smooth grains.
Delicate grains of pearl barley completely freed from bran are suitable for making cereals, soups.

Wheat groats

Package weight: 1000 gr

Thoroughly cleaned of bran and crushed wheat groats.
Well digestible and high-calorie product.

Barley groats

Package weight: 1000 gr

Barley crushed grits for easy cooking. Retains part of the membranes and valuable fiber.

Split peas

Package weight: 1000 gr

Dried and split pea grains. It is a natural product, characterized by a high amount of protein, carbohydrates and vitamins.

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